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sun's sons - An Odyssey (12" Vinyl Transparent Naturell) (LP)

sun's sons - An Odyssey (12" Vinyl Transparent Naturell) (LP)

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sun's sons - An Odyssey 
the debut album on 12" transparent naturell vinyl!

Side A (16min 34sec)
A1 - Void 1
A2 - Void 2
A3 - The House
A4 - Matter of Time
A5 - Interlude 1
A6 - Walking for Ages

Side B (12min 43sec)
B1 - Keep me Warm
B2 - Interlude 2
B3 - Do it Again
B4 - What You Need
B5 - Humming
B6 - Disfunctional Machine

All songs written and performed by sun's sons

We lack words to express how deeply grateful we are, to be holding our debut album in our hands. Many weeks of sweat and tears led to this second.

We acknowledge our privilege to be able to release these songs on vinyl and hope to give it all back one day. Putting out this record feels like homecoming and departing at the same time. Thank you for being a part of this Odyssey!

Produced by Sebastian Neumann // recorded at Kommune2010 Studios // mixed by Maximilian Wörle // mastered by Flo Siller // pre-production by Lasse Kuhl main vocals by Lasse Kuhl // harmony vocals by Marius Wunderlich, Sorin Della Monica, Lasse Kuhl, Felix Lothwesen and Kyle Kahraman // electric guitars by Marius Wunderlich, Lasse Kuhl and Sorin Della Monica // acoustic guitar by Lasse Kuhl // piano by Sorin Della Monica // synthesizers by Sorin Della Monica and Lasse Kuhl // electric bass by Kyle Kahramann and Lasse Kuhl // drums by Felix Lothwesen and Lasse Kuhl // percussion by Felix Lothwesen and Sorin Della Monica cello by Emil Riedel // violin and viola by Klara Bussalb // trumpet and horn by Silas Engel // saxophone by Felix Potyra // string arrangements by Felix Lothwesen, Lasse Kuhl and Kyle Kahraman // brass arrangements by Felix Lothwesen and Lasse Kuhl // lyrics by Lasse Kuhl and Julie Kuhl // graphic design by Lasse Kuhl album cover by Stella Musshafen, Mika Frommherz and Lasse Kuhl // single covers by Tim Ross // videography by Kevin Schmitz |/ polaroid by Pia Hofnagel A special thanks for your incredible support throughout the years goes out to Buddy, Stefan, Hopie, Julie, Anke, Martin, Aya, Zjürgen, Kevin, Vici, Chiara, Lina, Lucy, Sepp'l, Jana, Lily, Tomek, Lorenzo, John, Krishna, Nelly, Lenni, Marie, Irem, Katja, Elias, Ludwig, Martin, Martina, Pella, Ricki, Maria, Kiri and Gerd.

All rights reserved to sun's sons GbR.
Published with ALL ROOMS Agency, Kick The Flame and Kontor New Media.

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

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